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10 Untrue Facts About Vaping

People vape for many reasons. But as you might guess, low cost, loads of flavor choices, and no-mess usage stand as some of the top reasons. Indeed, the popularity of vapes has given rise to many facts and theories around vaping. Some of these are true, while others are definitely untrue!

So today, let us look into 10 of such untrue facts about vaping. Let us know how many of these you have come across.

  1. Vaping can give you a heart attack!

A lot of people might tell you that vaping can give you a heart stroke and ultimately kill you. But guess what? This is one of the most common myths about vaping!

After all, why do you think people are switching from cigarettes to vapes? There’s a reason behind it, right!

You are smart enough to interpret that prolonged cigarette exposure can prove detrimental. This means vapes work as a great substitute to prevent the worse from happening.

  1. Individuals below age 21 have access to vapes

You might already know that a certain section is unhappy with the growth of the vaping industry. And that’s purely because of the fear that school children and young teens might get addicted to vapes.

However, unfortunately, this section of people is living in the dark!

As per the federal Tobacco 21 law passed in December 2019, no individual below age 21 can use vapes. (Source – https://www.fda.gov/tobacco-products/retail-sales-tobacco-products/tobacco-21#:~:text=On%20Dec.,from%2018%20to%2021%20years)

The fact is that whenever any retailer sells vapes to anyone, online or offline, they have to ask their patrons for valid age proof. If a retailer sells vapes to anyone under age 21, it will initiate strict action against him. And I am pretty sure it is something that no retailer would want to attract!

  1. Vapes come in limited flavors

Did anyone say vapes are sold in limited flavors? Here’s a reality check for them! As per the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, e-cigarette users have exposure to over 7000 vape flavors.

Apart from the common tobacco-flavored vapes, e-cigarette users can also try other fun flavors like fruit, mint, menthol, candy, bubblegum, and coffee.

In fact, the popularity of non-tobacco flavors has already reached quite high! As per a study on Addictive Behaviors by ScienceDirect, around 62.9% of vape users choose non-tobacco flavors over tobacco ones. (Source – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31437770/) No wonder you find such a vast range of vape flavors in the market!

  1. Vapes are super expensive

If you are a regular cigarette user, you will be happy to know that vapes are priced competitively compared to cigarettes. If you decide to switch to vapes, an affordable vape pen, replacement coils, and juice will cost you merely around $50.

Yes, I agree; the cost of vaping is subjective to the type of vape you prefer, the price of the e-juice, and of course, your frequency of consumption. But still, on an overall level, vapes are pretty inexpensive compared to cigarettes!

  1. Vapes should be banned because every teenager is vaping

Even though you would like to believe that every teen is fond of vaping, let me tell you, this is far from true!

Vaping is a matter of choice and preference. This is why making empty claims like every teenager is addicted to vaping is nothing but pure exaggeration!

In fact, as you might already know, laws do not permit teens to vape. This again falsifies the claim!

  1. FDA does not approve of vapes

There is a lot of preaching going around about the FDA not approving vapes. No wonder frequent suggestions to ban vapes are seen coming up.

But do you know this is not true?

In October 2021, the FDA already authorized the marketing of three new tobacco products, which is the FDA’s very first approval of the electronic nicotine delivery system.

  1. Vapes are as addictive as cigarettes

We all know how addictive cigarettes are! But do you know this is one of the reasons behind vapes coming to the forefront?

This is what is better understood as replacement therapy!

Research has suggested that smokers who switched to vapes recorded an improvement in their vascular function and overall health score. Besides, switching to vapes has actually helped many people get rid of their cigarette addiction. Probably, this is one of the prime reasons for a lot of people choosing vapes over cigarettes!

  1. Vapes are not easily accessible

If you are under the impression that vapes have a problem with their accessibility, you will be happy to know that vapes are actually available at a click of a button.

You need not visit any offline store. All you need to do is select an online vendor, provide your age proof, and place your order. Even before you realize, the vapes of your choice will reach your doorstep.

  1. People vape to look “cool”

People turn to vaping for various reasons – like a dash of enjoyment, rejuvenation, and a quick break from routine.

Besides, there are various other factors as well that persuade people to turn to vaping – Some of the top ones being multi-flavor availability, easy access, and of course, competitive pricing. Some people choose to vape purely because they wish to quit cigarette smoking.

When there are so many realistic reasons doing the rounds, the last thing a person would do is vape only to look cool.

The fun fact is that there is nothing cool or hip about vaping. It is just about taking an experience!

  1. The Vape market is falling down

While many like to believe that the vape market is crashing down, facts state otherwise.

In fact, after the nod given by FDA to vapes, not just vape lovers but entities who wish to venture into the vaping market have started popping up their heads.

Statistics suggest that the global e-cigarette market has reached the value of US $20.4 billion in 2021. As per the IMARC group, these figures are likely to hit US $30 billion by 2027. (Source – https://www.imarcgroup.com/gcc-e-cigarette-market) Here, the CAGR is expected to stand at 4.5% for the period 2022 to 2027.

It’s Not Necessary to See Vaping in Bad Light!!

If you have the urge to try vapes but have been putting off your desire due to any of these ‘untrue’ facts about vaping, give it a thought again!

Solely because people around you hold some misinformation and assumptions about vaping, you should not get trapped in their false beliefs.

You must know that vaping industry is witnessing steady growth. If any of these things were true, do you think the industry would have seen such a rise?

 In fact, after a lot of back and forth, even FDA has given its nod to vaping!

Every day a new flavor is being introduced in the market. Likewise, many retailers have started venturing into the vaping business.

All these facts put together, it is safe to conclude that it actually wouldn’t be fair to see vaping in a bad light!

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All you need to know about the flavor ban on vaping products in America

A phenomenal rise in vapers has led to vaping companies introducing a world of creative flavors. But if everybody loves flavors, what has led to the flavor ban? Let’s unfold the eventful journey of flavor bans in the United States of America.

Why was the ban imposed on vape flavors?

The key idea to developing flavors was to appeal to every vape lover out there. Soon after, fruity, minty, and candy flavors become very popular.

Unfortunately, this popularity gained maximum reach amongst the youngsters. In fact, it was identified that 84.7% of young vapers preferred flavored ones. Moreover, about 85.8% were still studying in high school and 79.2% in middle school. (Source – https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7039a4.htm)

Owing to these developments, the Trump administration decided to implement a flavor ban on fruit, mint, and dessert flavored vapes. This ban applied to refillable cartridge-based e-cigars.

This, in turn, created much tension amongst the vape manufacturers and distributors. To calm them down, flavors like menthol and tobacco were exempted from the ban.

Despite that, certain companies continued to manufacture and distribute vapes in the banned flavors, which is why a policy to prioritize enforcement was announced.

What was the “Enforcement Policy” finalized by FDA?

After determining the popularity of e-cigars, particularly flavored ones, amongst the youth, vaping companies had to stop marketing fruit and mint flavored vapes immediately.

To prevent unauthorized marketing of such flavors, a window of 30 days was announced by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Failure to abide by the regulations was likely to attract enforcement action by FDA in different forms. (https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/resources-you/types-fda-enforcement-actions)

HHS Secretary, Alex Azar, made a statement saying this move was in the interest of striking a public health balance. The goal was to allow vaping only to an extent wherein it would help with cigarette de-addiction among adults. Alongside, efforts would continue to end nicotine addiction among the youth.

In 2020, 3.6 million youth reported using e-cigar in 30 days. These alarming numbers needed immediate attention. No wonder, the flavor ban followed!

How did the different states in the U.S. introduce the flavor ban?

  • California

In 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom, signed a bill, the focus of which was to ban the sale of all tobacco-flavored products in California. This ban applied to menthol-based e-cigars as well. However, the bill has been put on hold until 2022 as a majority of the people signed a petition to put it on the 2022 ballot.

  • Massachusetts

In 2019, Massachusetts became the first state to prohibit the sale of tobacco-flavored products, including menthol vapes. Governor Charlie Baker approved the ban with a group of lawmakers filing legislation against the ban.

Furthermore, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts imposed a 75% excise tax on nicotine-based vaping products. The sale of all flavored tobacco products, including combustible tobacco, was banned from 1st June 2020.

  • New Jersey

In January 2020, Governor Murphy signed the senate bill S3265, which prohibited the sale of all flavored vaping products except the tobacco flavor in the state.

  • New York

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law to ban the sale of all flavored vaping products. This led to the barring of 21,000 licensed tobacco outlets from selling such products. The ban came into effect from 1st July 2020 and included a ban on e-liquid flavors like mint, menthol, and wintergreen too.

  • Rhode Island

Since September 2019, Rhode Island has banned the sale of flavored e-cigars.

FDA Commissioner’s (Stephen M. Hahn, M.D.) take on the matter

Stephen M. Hahn, M.D. calls e-cigar addiction among youth an epidemic, tackling which, he says, has become the need of the hour.

He says that a range of attractive flavors, ease of use, and difficulty in tracing its addiction, are some of the possible reasons behind e-cigar addiction among the youth.

He adds that the enforcement comes with the idea of beating the addiction crisis. The reason is that the addiction can negatively impact children, families, educational institutes, and communities in the long run.

FDA commissioner also says that to streamline the flavor ban, close monitoring of e-cigar products needs to be carried out.

Will Flavor Ban solve the bigger purpose?

Experts believe that ban on flavored e-cigars is more of a response to the public and moral outcry. They believe that banning flavored e-cigars will not really cut-off children and youth from exposure to e-cigars.

Unfortunately, the only thing that will happen is that the illicit market will become safer. Moreover, once this happens, all the customers will be driven to this market.

Thus, the need of the hour is to come up with an evidence-based response. And as a result, experts have been backing the idea of regulated markets.

However, there is another loophole in the ban. The “forbidden” flavors are allowed in the form of disposable e-cigarettes. This really just defeats the purpose! I mean, how hard does that make for one to get their hands on the flavored e-cigars, anyway?

Hence, it is clear as day that a flavor ban may not necessarily help in achieving the bigger purpose. After all, how long would it take for “intenders” to find loopholes in the system?

Vaping Flavor Ban – What to expect in the times to come?

Now that we understand that the vaping flavor ban was introduced with the intention to protect the children, the only question that remains is what the future will unfold. Whether the vaping industry will be impacted or not, only time will tell!

Research studies have suggested that between 2021 and 2028, the vaping industry as a whole is likely to see a lot of traction. (Source – https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/e-cigarette-vaping-market) This was proved when in October 2021, FDA approved the sale of e-cigars for the very first time. Until then, applications from numerous vaping companies had been repeatedly rejected.

The FDA stated that the body would continue to monitor the entire assembly line, right from the point of manufacture to the point of promotion of these e-cigars. If any discrepancies are found, the authorization will be lifted.

Considering this, all vaping companies are expected to focus on enhancing user safety while adhering to all the FDA-laid guidelines. *click*

Even today, several trade unions are against the stringent regulations applicable to the vaping industry. If they decide to strike back, the restrictions are likely to loosen, which in the end will benefit vaping companies in the form of a boost in sales and growth.

One can only wait and watch!


A range of vape flavors is available in the market, but has FDA given its nod?

Change is indeed the only constant. This is probably what has led people to choose vapes over cigarettes. However, when it comes to vaping, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an important take. So, what does the FDA think about vaping? Let’s take a detailed look.

A range of vape flavors is available in the market, but has FDA given its nod?

People prefer vapes as they are available in multiple flavors, are usable indoors, and are free of any unpleasant odors. However, it is impossible to feel confident about the use of these products without the FDA’s nod.

October 2021 came with good news. This was the time when the FDA authorized the marketing of three new tobacco products, which marked the entry of the first set of electronic nicotine delivery system products. This is the first-ever authorization by FDA for vaping products.

What prompted FDA to give vaping a go-ahead? 

Over the years, FDA has rejected multiple applications from e-cigarette brands to protect minors and discourage use amongst the youth. (https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-denies-marketing-applications-about-55000-flavored-e-cigarette-products-failing-provide-evidence )

However, in October 2021, FDA permitted the marketing of Vuse Solo – a rechargeable cigarette-shaped electronic device manufactured by R.J. Reynolds. to top that, its tobacco-flavored cartridge received authorization too!

FDA announced this authorization following the evidence produced by R.J. Reynolds which proved that these e-cigarettes and tobacco-flavored products could eliminate or significantly reduce the use of combustible cigarettes.

However, we also understand that when an agency like the FDA of such a strong stature, responsible for overseeing more than $2.7 trillion in consumption of food, medical products, and tobacco, permits vaping, it’s only uphill from this point on!

So, how will the vaping industry benefit from FDA’s take on vaping?

Social acceptance:

With the FDA giving formal authorization to vaping, people will be more open about using vapes. There will be interest among people of all ages to try vapes.

I believe the recent breakthrough to persuade vaping companies to experiment around introducing a new line of flavors.

Cost-effective alternatives to cigarettes:

Someone, who smokes cigarettes one pack a day, is likely to shell out about $2650 every year. Contrary to this, e-cigarettes for a year cost around $1000.

A pretty solid reason for the switch, eh?

Experiment with flavors:

Cigarettes have the same mundane tobacco punch. Vapes, on the other hand, are fun! Users can try different flavors for different moods! Brands like Luto (https://lutoclub.com/) offer hundreds of flavors such as candyfloss, bubble gum, exotic fruity blends, menthol, and many more!

I’m pretty confident that flavored e-cigarettes will be the winner over tobacco-based regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, FDA has banned certain flavors of e-cigarettes. What’s the truth behind the ban? Find out!

Vapes will be widely available:

With FDA permitting vaping, it will not take long for vaping companies to tap on popular marketing and distribution channels.

Mitch Zeller, J.D., of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, shared his thoughts on this authorization in an official statement.

Here’s what Mitch Zeller, Joint Director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco products had to say:

Since many companies are coming up with tobacco-based products, authorization of this kind becomes mandatory.

An understanding that a robust and scientific premarket evaluation shall suffice has backed this authorization.

FDA’s view on vaping is that it will support cigarette addicts to move away from exposure to harmful chemicals such as carcinogens present in c-cigarettes.

Above all, FDA believes that vapes will assist with complete elimination or significant reduction in cigarette consumption.

What does the future have in store for the vaping industry?

Considering this revolutionary decision, it only remains to be seen how many more vaping companies will be accepted for the marketing and selling of e-cigarettes.

With estimates suggesting 55 million people use vaping devices worldwide (https://www.singlecare.com/blog/news/vaping-statistics/), vaping companies are gearing up to offer personalized vaping experiences.

E-cigarettes entered the U.S. market in around 2007. However, the market picked up in 2014. Since then, vaping companies have registered an upward graph, with a similar trend expected to be seen in the times to come.

So, what does the future have in store for the vaping industry? The prospects seem bright.

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